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JC ECOMET – opening new horizons to CIRCULAR ECONOMY

JC ECOMET has developed a disruptive concept to use efficient plasma furnaces to produce high-quality metals and alloys on environmentally friendly and from today’s raw materials of civilization. In the spirit of the circular economy, the company uses used metals for their recovery and refinement.

Advanced Melting Technology

The technological core of JC ECOMET are state-of-the-art dc plasma arc furnaces – consuming regularly over 50% less energy compared to traditional furnaces.

4000 °C

JC Ecomet plasma recycling can cope with any kind of waste, including the most hazardous, high-grade toxic waste, electronic components.


Scrap metal or mine tailings are not only great resources of many raw materials, but their recycling is ecologically friendly. ECOMET uses this continuous resource to fight global warming, offering at the same moment an economically interesting product to the industry.

CO2 Impact

Avoiding earth gas heating, oxygen enrichment and coke addition by using electricity only and melting heat coming from certain components, ECOMET ultra-high temperature DC plasma furnaces produce up to 95% less CO2 compared to conventional blast furnace systems.

Sparing Nature


Recycling of one ton of steel avoids the use of 1,133 kg of iron ore, 635 kg of coal and 55kg of limestone. Additionally, required energy is about 56% less (for aluminium even 95% and 90 % for copper 90%).

Further more, using scrap metal instead of virgin ore reduces mining waste up to 97% and uses 40% less water (American National Institute of Health).

Below some stats about the problems of traditional mining:

Kilograms of ore are processed to extract just 5 grams of gold

Kilograms of coal are required to process 1 ton of iron

Billion tons of material are stripped off the earth every year

Million tons of mining waste are processed every year




  • Near zero emission technology
  • High stability of the working process
  • Production of a large variety of noble alloys
  • Temperature adjustment by changing the plasmatron electric conditions
  • High degree adoption of alloying additions
  • High reduction of impurities in the metal and as a consequence, an
  • Opportunity of smelting low-carbon steels and alloys
  • Processed by leading metallurgical and highly skilled metal melting personal

Compared to traditional metal production, 
JC ECOMET reduces CO2 emissions up to 95%
and recycles harmful metal dusts, oxides and muds.

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