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The JC ECOMET Group is an international Greentech company with headquarters in Lucerne / Switzerland and Hamburg / Germany. It was created as a joint venture by experienced companies that have long focused on sustainability and responsible business practices in their respective areas.

JC ECOMET has developed a disruptive concept to use efficient plasma furnaces to produce high-quality metals and alloys on environmentally friendly and from today’s raw materials of civilization. In the spirit of the circular economy, the company uses used metals for their recovery and refinement.

Metals and rare earths are available in the form of electronic waste such as smartphones, packaging waste such as espresso capsules or components such as catalysts and batteries in much higher quantities than a few years ago. The recycling of such metals by ECOMET technology is real recycling, with the side effect that it produces 98 percent less CO2, does not use any water and about 50 percent less energy than traditional metal production.

The first production site is located in Finland, the global pioneer in circular economy. Further locations in Europe as well as Central and North America are under development.



GBS WORLD (Green Blue Solutions)

GBS World is a global developer of sustainable energy, water and waste projects with its headquarters in Luxembourg. GBS has operative units in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Ireland, South Africa, Swaziland, Ukraine and U.S.A.



The Finnish ArcticPool operates and manages important projects like metal processing, oil & gas platforms or power plants. ArcticPool has the experience to operate small and large workforces on a global level. It has received significant awards to be one of the leading companies of Finland every year
since 2016.


GEMPIT, around its master brain Mr. Pekka Kemppainen, has over 40 years of experience in producing noble ferro alloys and other kinds of important metals, mainly for industrial usage. GEMPIT operates two foundries in Finland and one in the U.S.



Jäderberg & Cie., Hamburg

Jäderberg & Cie. is an entrepreneurial impact investor, focused on their two unique impact investment projects, since 2010. Their track record from last decade includes structuring real asset-based investments around several alternative asset classes. The total investment volume of their 28 realized projects totals about EUR 1.5 billion.


Giorgio Karhausen

Giorgio Karhausen

CEO (Project Development + Finance Integration)



Giorgio is primarily responsible for project development, team & finance coordination, global business strategies, risk management and investor relations.

With a background in the investment fund industry since 1989, he has been an active developer of mid and large-scale investment opportunities in the sustainable and renewable energy industry since 2004.

Giorgio is also CEO in GBS World in Luxembourg.

Ville Nurmi

Ville Nurmi


Ville is responsible for the operative legal side of JC ECOMET, including acquisition, operative and sales contracts.

As a Master of Law from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, he has been working in a Finnish law firm, before becoming the managing director of the Teleforum Association in 2003, growing from just 50m EUR to 1,000m EUR in 2011, under his leadership. Since then he has been coordinating the legal department of ArcticPool.

Ville is also CLO of
ArcticPool OY.

Eric Riemer

Eric Riemer


Eric is primarily responsible for project development documentation, back office organization as well as marketing & communication.

Before being a co-founder of GBS WORLD, Eric worked with banking institutions like the Luxembourgish banking authorities as well as numerous investment fund companies in Switzerland and in the U.S.

Eric is also Director and responsible for Marketing for GBS World in Luxembourg.

Mikko Siitonen

Mikko Siitonen


Besides having a wide network in the mining and metal production industry, Mikko organizes workforces for the JC ECOMET plants.

Since 2010, Mikko structured numerous labours with up to 500 personnel.

Mikko is also CEO of ArcticPool Oy.

Peter Jäderberg

Peter Jäderberg

CEO (Finance + Investment)


Peter is JC ECOMET’s investment specialist, managing the finance team and relations to the investment community.

Knowing the investment world since 1985, he has concentrated his works on sustainable investments since 2004, without being directly linked to the stock markets. In 2010, he created Jäderberg & Cie. as a specialist for sandalwood project investments.

Peter is also the CEO in Jäderberg & Cie.

Pekka Kemppainen

Pekka Kemppainen


Pekka is JC ECOMET’s highly skilled metallurgist and production manager, responsible for the training of all metallurgists of the JC ECOMET universe.

Since 1979, Pekka has been a leading authority in the metallurgy industry – with stages as director or chief advisor in foundries in Finland, Sweden, U.K., U.S.A., China and South Africa.

As the president of the Association of Foundrymen in Finland, he has also been Chairman of Meehanite Worldwide Corporation since 2009. Pekka has specialized in optimization of casting processes and metal melting (last patent filed in 2019).
Pekka is CEO of GEMPIT Oy as well.



Tim Bosse

Tim Bosse

CLO + Head of Investment Structuring


Tim is responsible for the legal and investment structures of the JC ECOMET projects. 

Studying Economics at
St. Gallen and Law at the University of Nijmegen, he has achieved an important background in structuring different asset classes on international levels, as well as M&A and Joint Venture Projects.

Tim is responsible for the investment structuring in Jäderberg & Cie.